Planning a Birthday Party? Here Are Some Theme Ideas and Tips!

Planning your child’s birthday party? It’s hard to know where to begin because there are so many kids birthday party themes to choose from. Knowing what’s “hot” and what’s not can drive you crazy. Well, it’s time to get inspired with a little help from Lollipop Seeds! Popular themes include:

Mermaid Parties

Mermaid have been all the craze for a number of years now and things don't look like they'll be slowing down anytime soon. Girls love them and the whole under the sea universe can make for a wonderful party especially in the summer months.  Grab some bubbles and goldfish and let your creativity flow with this fun theme!

Flamingo Parties

Flamingo parties are always a popular party theme, be them a birthday party, a bridal shower, or a baby shower. The gorgeous colors and summer theme warms every heart! What is cuter than a Flamingo Pinata!

Unicorn Parties

Without a question of a doubt, unicorn birthday parties were 'the' theme of 2018! There is literally not a little girl out there who isn't under the unicorn spell.  We love this theme because the possibilities are endless from making unicorn slime, arts and crafts, recipes and who could forget the glitter!

Under the Sea

Tell the kids to grab their snorkels and bring their swimsuits! It's easy for little ones to get lost in the nautical whimsy of an under-the-sea party theme. Depending on the age group, the party can be semi-educational too.  We love adding paper sea creatures as centerpieces on the table and hanging a few fish from the ceiling. Drape fish netting from the corners of doorways, or work it into your dessert table display. Scatter starfish around for some extra ocean fun — kids can paint them, too.

Boy’s Superhero

Kappppooooowwwwwww! Whoosh, Zap, Bam … nothing subtle or gentle when it comes to a boy’s superhero birthday party!  Superheroes – one of those party themes that every boy wants at least once. Think bat mobiles, super powers, alter-egos, night vision, flying capes, and lots and lots of saving the day!

A Space Party

Three, two, one, blast off! You can't take a child to the moon (yet), but you can still create an outer-space birthday party theme that's out of this world! Here’s a cure idea  use glow-in-the dark items to hang up in a “space room” and to hand out to the little astronauts (the kids love’em!). Paint foam balls (using Glow-in-the-Dark Spray) and hang them from the ceiling with fishing wire so it looks like the planets are hanging in mid air.

Our party planning tips:


How many kids do you invite? Here's the good news: you do not need to invite your child's entire class. Despite what seems to be the case with every birthday party, especially with the younger set, you are not obligated to invite everyone. It can add to stress having up to 22 (or more) kids in attendance possibly with their parents.



Here's an easy question to answer: Are you willing to have the mess of an at-home party? An outside venue usually handles set up and clean-up which may be worth it to you. However, some people think hosting at home is cheaper (which it is if you keep it simple) but if you're planning on renting a bounce house, entertainer, etc. it can end up being the same or even more costly than an outside venue. Set a budget for what you want to spend and where you want the party to be and if the dates you desire are available at an outside venue.


Younger kids tend to have less activities going on, but once you're in elementary school, their weekends can become jam-packed with sports, classes, competitions, and more. Be mindful if your child's birthday falls during the summer months or around a major holiday. If you're having a smaller number of kids, it's a good idea to check in with the parents first to see which date works best for most and then pin it down. Giving three weeks to a month's notice is as far out as you want to go as you don't want people to forget but two weeks' notice tends to be too short for families to plan.


Now that you've gotten some of the bigger things out of the way, ask your child what they'd like as a theme for their party. Maybe it's princesses or pirates or a sports theme. When you've decided on a theme, everything else is an easy decision including the birthday cake, decorations, and goodie bags.