Kickee Pants London Collection - Fall 2 2018

We are so excited to for the Kickee Pants London Collection! As we travel and explore the cities of our world we find many unique and amazing aspects of life that may be different to our own.  The artwork , architecture, culture and wildlife offer an incredible glimpse into the lives of people all over the world. Although an individual city may demonstrate the unique qualities and history of its people, more themes like love, family and passion to enjoy life can be shared by all.

Take a trip with us to London on our next adventure! Explore the historical streets with brick houses, Victorian lamp posts and double decker buses.  See the Queens Guards, and have tea in the rose gardens, but don't forget your umbrella!

Spoil your littles with the softest new pajamas and undies. You will fall in love with Kickee Pants bamboo fabric. I also love that their pieces are mix and match! You don’t have to buy the matching sets unless you like to. This is great for the kids who love to dress themselves, but sometimes have an issue coordinating tops to bottoms. Knowing that a company takes pride in their products and does not only exist to make money inspires me. You can truly tell that Kickee Pants works hard to find the best of the best for your littles I hope you love your Kickee Pants pieces as much as my family does! Here are my favorite pieces from the London Collection:

Kickee Pants PJ Sets:  

Kickee Pants clothing isn't restrictiveand allows the child's skin to breathe for the ultimate amount of comfort whetherthey're awake or in a slumber. In the London collection you can customize the fox natural rose bud(limited quantities). We also love the Queen’s Guard set!

Footie Pajamas: 
These are a must have for your little one!  They will be your favorite PJ’s for your baby.  We love this bright London Stripe print and so will you!





Tiered dresses: Every little girl loves to twirl in a tiered dress and the London Collection has so many great prints & patterns to choose from including the  English Rose Garden and the Umbrellas and Rain Clouds.








Boys Boxer Briefs/Girls underwear: You will love the high-quality fabrics and materials that are used on each item to enhance the comfort of each child including the Kickee Pants underwear for girls. The boxer briefs are a hit among moms for the most adorable underwear that little boys can feel comfortable in. See for yourself!